Official Paper Work 

OFFICIAL Wedding Paper Work 


WEDDING LICENSE: Marriage in Utah is simple, you do not need to go to Las Vegas ! A wedding license is needed; you have to be at least 18 and single ! The license is obtained from any UTAH Recorders Office.  St. George is our local office. The fee is $30 - (Check or Cash only). You need full ID and if recently divorced, your documentation. If you are not American, take your passports. The process is quick - less than 30 minutes ! The license is valid for 30 days from the date issued:  

Washington County Recorder, 197 East Tabernacle,   St. George, UT   84770 Tel: 435 634 5712  


ZION NATIONAL PARK PERMIT: If you want to marry within the boundaries of Zion National Park, you MUST get a permit; it costs $100. You should allow at least 4 weeks before the wedding date to give Zion National Park time to process the application. There are strict limitations on where you can marry and some of locations are controlled by wedding party size. 

Many sites are booked early, so plan ahead. Visit their web site first at:

If you need more help call: 435-772-0210  Or email to



TOWN OF SPRINGDALE PARKS: Springdale is the gateway town to ZION NP. There are two lovely town parks. If you want to use these Town Parks, permission should be obtained. There is a fee, from  $50/day, for the Gazebo Park next to the Canyon Community Center. There are no fees for The River Park, but you also cannot reserve it for exclusive use.  

Please call the Springdale Town Office : Tel: 435 772 3434 or their web site


BLM LAND: Zion is surrounded by millions of acres of public land held by the  Bureau of Land Management Land (BLM); it is free to use. No paper work required.

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